Simple powerful software for the bankruptcy professional

Jubilee enables legal professionals to input, calculate, file, and manage bankruptcy cases in a convenient online cloud-based platform. Sign up for our next introductory webinar and see how perfect it is.

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Cloud Access

Access your data anytime from anywhere. Your data is hosted on powerful Microsoft Azure servers where it’s protected with regular backups.

Platform Independent

Jubilee runs on Windows, Apple, desktop, and mobile systems. Since it’s browser based the only requirement is an Internet connection.

Feature Rich

E-Filing, Calculators (Means Test, 13 Plan, Exemptions), Case Management, Security, Multi-Vendor Integration, and Creditor Database to name a few.

30 Year History

LegalPRO Systems has been in the bankruptcy software business since the days of DOS and has had thousands of clients across the United States and Puerto Rico that have helped shape the product for three decades.

What our customers are saying

"I always loved I-Got-Notices and happily switched bankruptcy petition software when (LegalPRO) went into the cloud. I am happy and always tell fellow attorneys to switch to Jubilee."

Lewis R.

Lewis Roberts, P.A.

"LegalPRO has the best customer service I have ever experienced from a software vendor."

Barry B.

Barry Broughton, Lawyer

"I filed two cases today. The first was done with (your competitor’s product). The other was done with Jubilee. There is a world of difference between the two. Jubilee took considerably less time to get to the start line, hit go and watch it finish."

Gene M.

Law Office of Eugene S. Melchionne

"I always get a human being immediately. Everyone there knows what they are doing and each will go out of their way to help you with any issue."

Clayton W.

Clayton Wrzesinski, P.C.

"The customer service is phenomenal! They are always happy to help me through a situation with the software, whether it is simple or difficult."

Rob Heinly

J. Thomas Black, P.C.

The Year of the Jubilee

In Leviticus, the year of the jubilee was when various debts were to be forgiven – “…and ye shall return every man unto his possession…” It is with this context then that we have named our new, cutting edge, cloud based bankruptcy platform Jubilee.  We feel like this name will convey more than any other, the mission we all embark upon – to help your clients free themselves from debt and make a new start in their financial lives.

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