Latest Jubilee News

Why Providing Great Support Matters

How important is customer support to your business? At LegalPRO, we pride ourselves on providing excellent and quality support to everyone from potential customers to our paying clients.

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Jubilee’s One Year Anniversary

Last September, we sold our first dozen Jubilee licenses and filed 23 cases. A year later we are celebrating steady increases for 12 months straight and looking forward far into the future.

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Are You Using Law Pay?

If you are using LawPayLaw Pay to accept electronic forms of payment from your clients we’d like to ask you a few questions about your experience with it.

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How Safe is Your Data in Jubilee

There are no absolute guarantees in life, other than death and taxes as Ben Franklin said, but we want you to know how confident you can be with your data not being lost in the Jubilee cloud.

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