Latest Jubilee News

Integration with the National Data Center

We are close to adding integration with the National Data Center into Jubilee. Chapter 13 filers will love this time-saving feature because it pulls data from the trustee’s website directly into a case in Jubilee.

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New and Exciting Features Coming to Jubilee

Jubilee will soon have its electronic noticing feature up and running to download, scan, and organize all your ECF mail. Having this done on remote servers and instantly available to you will be unbelievably simple and convenient.

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Jubilee is ready in SA!

Great news San Antonio, Jubilee now has your local Chapter 13 Plan! We also have the rest of the Texas Western District completed and will be rolling those out in the next couple of weeks.

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Is your firm ready for Jubilee?

Jubilee is no longer just a concept or a future plan; it’s real, it’s live, and it’s is a smashing success – quite simply people love it. It works, it’s easy to use, it’s fast, and it’s from a company you can trust.

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Jubilee updates have improved

For those who are using Jubilee already, we have improved the way we perform updates to the platform. Now we are able to update the platform, without taking it down, and automatically switch everyone to the updated version in the background.

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