Updates for the week of October 22, 2018

The Jubilee BK layout has been updated and is easier to navigate, more intuitive and mobile friendly!! Fonts are sharper, scrolling has been improved and pages resize automatically to accommodate any screen size.

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Jubilee Updates – August 27, 2018

Some of the improvements and features updated in Jubilee BK this week include the new Plan Payment Estimator, schedule recurring payments for your clients and various form and plan updates.

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Which bankruptcy districts can Jubilee file a case in?

Jubilee can file in all bankruptcy districts. Chapter 13 Plans are changing everywhere, so there will be many plans that we will have to catch-up on, but ultimately, we will have them all. If we don’t have your plan yet, send us an email to let us know you’re waiting...

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Billing and Invoice Feature Highlights

Case management features available to subscription Jubilee users are Tasks, Activities, Case Timer, Billing and Invoices, and Calendars. Today we are highlighting our Billing and Invoice feature.

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Is Your Data for Sale?

We want to assure you that we do not share or sell any data that we collect and organize on your behalf in our software. All data in I-Got-Notices and BankruptcyPRO resides on your own hard drives and all data collected by Jubilee is kept private to your firm as well.

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November Music Trivia

Correctly, name the two musicians shown with our founder, Charlie Fielder, to be entered into our drawing for a $25 gift card.

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Why Providing Great Support Matters

How important is customer support to your business? At LegalPRO, we pride ourselves on providing excellent and quality support to everyone from potential customers to our paying clients.

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Jubilee’s One Year Anniversary

Last September, we sold our first dozen Jubilee licenses and filed 23 cases. A year later we are celebrating steady increases for 12 months straight and looking forward far into the future.

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Are You Using Law Pay?

If you are using LawPayLaw Pay to accept electronic forms of payment from your clients we’d like to ask you a few questions about your experience with it.

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How Safe is Your Data in Jubilee

There are no absolute guarantees in life, other than death and taxes as Ben Franklin said, but we want you to know how confident you can be with your data not being lost in the Jubilee cloud.

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Jubilee — One Year Later

Although Jubilee has been filing cases with beta testers since 2015, the first independent filing by a client, out in the wild so to speak, was done last July a thousand miles away in Florida.

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Integration with the National Data Center

We are close to adding integration with the National Data Center into Jubilee. Chapter 13 filers will love this time-saving feature because it pulls data from the trustee’s website directly into a case in Jubilee.

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New and Exciting Features Coming to Jubilee

Jubilee will soon have its electronic noticing feature up and running to download, scan, and organize all your ECF mail. Having this done on remote servers and instantly available to you will be unbelievably simple and convenient.

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Jubilee is ready in SA!

Great news San Antonio, Jubilee now has your local Chapter 13 Plan! We also have the rest of the Texas Western District completed and will be rolling those out in the next couple of weeks.

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Is your firm ready for Jubilee?

Jubilee is no longer just a concept or a future plan; it’s real, it’s live, and it’s is a smashing success – quite simply people love it. It works, it’s easy to use, it’s fast, and it’s from a company you can trust.

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Jubilee updates have improved

For those who are using Jubilee already, we have improved the way we perform updates to the platform. Now we are able to update the platform, without taking it down, and automatically switch everyone to the updated version in the background.

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When will Jubilee be available?

We don’t have a hard release date yet, but what we can do is tell you the current state of the system, what we’ve been busy doing, and what we have left to do.

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Final Jubilee Beta Testing

Today, June 15th, we started final beta testing of Jubilee with a select group of firms. Once they have worked through any remaining issues in the next few weeks we will be ready to officially open up the software to all users.

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What LegalPRO Customers Are Saying

“I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how much I appreciate the user-friendliness of BankruptcyPRO & I-Got-Notices. The programs are awesome!! You guys are by far the best tech support group ever!”

Janet N.

“No matter what we need help with, you are there. I have never worked with anyone there that I did not like and did not solve the problem. You are 110% - at least! Thank you for many years of great help.”

Barry B.

“I am always pleased with the support I have received from the folks at LegalPRO. I have been using BankruptcyPRO for the past 16 years and they are always updating and advancing the software to maintain the needs of the users.”

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