Features and Security

Features in Jubilee include e-filing, step-by-step data entry, various bankruptcy calculators and case management to name a few. Jubilee supports Chapters 7, 11, 12 and 13 filings and is compliant with all CM/ECF courts.

Jubilee Cloud Access

Cloud Access

Access your data anytime from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Jubilee is browser based and can be run on Apple or Windows devices including iPads, iMacs, Chromebooks, Surface Pros, and more. There’s never a need to install or update software or to maintain expensive on-site networks.


Click-to-File ease of use is available in all CM/ECF courts across the country. Jubilee prepares all required documents and quickly walks you through the steps of filing.

Jubilee eFiling
Jubilee Data Entry

Simple, Step-by-Step Data Entry

  • Auto-Populate repeated fields. No need to enter data twice.
  • USPS address verification.
  • Customizable defaults for jurisdictions and courts.
  • Integration with third-party software vendors to capture outside data.

Bankruptcy Calculators

  • The Means Test Calculator integrates with your case data to help determine filing chapters. It uses metrics such as median family income to calculate presumption (Chapter 7) and commitment period (Chapter 13).
  • The Chapter 13 Plan Calculator creates a plan using creditors in your case and allows you to enter step payments from your client, if necessary, and control how you want to pay the creditors.
  • The Exemption Calculator provides a side-by-side comparison of the results for state and federal exemptions and knows not to mix them on Schedule C. Simply choose which set benefits your client the best.
Jubilee Calculators
Jubilee Case Management

Case Management

  • Calendar: Enter appointment and court dates manually or let our PACER applications create them from ECF Notices. Jubilee’s calendar can be connected to from third party mobile devices.
  • Document Storage: Keep all client and case documents in one place accessible at all times.
  • Task Management
    1. Create Task Groups
    2. Order by priority
    3. Create due dates and reminders


No system is safe from hackers – not even on-site networks – if security isn’t provided and enforced. Jubilee offers administrators the option to require two-step verification for any user accessing the system outside the normal office IP address. Jubilee is hosted on world class Microsoft Azure servers which include regular incremental backups.

Jubilee Security
Jubilee Vendors

Multi-Vendor Integration

Jubilee is integrated with many third-party vendors to help you get the job done quickly including: downloading creditor information and reports, ordering credit counseling or debtor education, doing extensive mail-out noticing, and auto-tracking PACER documents. Jubilee offers more choices than any other bankruptcy software provider.

Creditor Database

Use the Creditor List to prepopulate creditor addresses and maintain a list of current information for each one.

Jubilee Creditor Database

Keeping your data secure in Jubilee

There are three points of interest when thinking about cloud security:

  1. The host application and database containing the information (Microsoft Azure)
  2. The client point of access (the browser)
  3. The pipeline transporting data between the host and client (the internet)
Microsoft Azure Servers

Microsoft Azure Servers

The application and physical database are hosted on the world class Microsoft Azure servers. These servers are located in the United States and are well protected both in their physical data centers and in their virtual states by Microsoft.

Also, sensitive information, such as a social security number, is stored in an encrypted format. Microsoft maintains the data, the servers, the back-ups, and the security; relieving the individual users of the responsibility, expense, and hassle. Learn more about Microsoft Azure servers here.

Point of access

The client point of access is like the front door to your house. A strong door, lock, and frame can prevent most unwanted access – whereas a weak door and frame can easily be kicked in. Jubilee offers multi-factor authorization and IP address restrictions to help secure the “front door”. As an example, you can specify that users must receive and enter a code sent by way of text message to their cell phone the first time they log on from a particular browser each day. This means that even if their password is stolen or leaked, the would-be hacker still wouldn’t have access to the system without the user’s cell phone. Users can also be limited to logging on from only specified IP addresses (such as the office IP address). By combing these features with good passwords, you can provide a strong and secure point of entry to the Jubilee system.

Point of Access
Data Pipeline

Data Pipeline

The last point of interest is the pipeline carrying the data between the browser and the database. Jubilee uses industry standard 256-bit SSL encryption to send and receive data. This protects the data in transit and allows convenient use of the platform from any location.

Cloud Security Summary

All these points of access exist in any networked office environment even when hosting your own data, on your own servers, in your own office.  Most likely, however, your office does not have nearly as much security and redundancy in place as our hosted Azure platform does.  While putting your data on the cloud might inherently feel dangerous because it’s out of your control, it’s actually most likely many times safer and more reliable.

Jubilee Security

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